Farseer Umbrua is a level 60 shaman trainer located on the 2nd floor of the Golden Keg inn, in the Dwarven District of the in the human city of Stormwind at approx [64.6, 33]

She starts the quest Alliance 15 Ui-charactercreate-classes shaman [20] Call of Water (Stormwind).


Until Patch 2.1, Umbrua was the only Alliance shaman trainer in the Eastern Kingdoms, and the only trainer outside of the draenei zones; when the patch went live, Farseer Javad in Ironforge became the second.

The fact that Umbrua, Javad and Nobundo are all referred to as Farseers implies either that the title is shamanic, not orcish, or that the draenei copied the title from the orcs (Which is unlikely given the history between the two races).

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