A list of some of the many Warcraft universe fan websites in other languages.

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Official WoW languages Edit

Chinese Edit

Name URL Summary
CWDGWiki CWoW Developer Group wiki in Simple Chinese - API, XML and Lua documentation plus tools, addon libs and localization UI

French Edit

Name URL Summary
JudgeHype Also Diablo, Diablo II, Warcraft III, Starcraft II and Starcraft Ghost
BlizzSpirit News, Guides & Stratégies News, guides , vidéos French wiki News, guides and forum Videos, presentation, news.. jokes, fun, Videos.

German Edit

Name URL Summary
WoWguideBlog German Blog with WoW Guides, Profession-Guides and soon more.
Allvatar News, guides, forum, TS, IRC Chat News, guides, forum, public TS Useful WoW Tools for Windows News, Community, Story, Patches, Videos
WoW Berufe Guide Profession Guides 1-525, Berufe Guides 1-525 prominent gold advertising
Blizzard-Insider News, Rumors, Forums and more
Living in WoW Blog about life in WoW
Odyssee in WoW Blog
Playbird-Network Community Site + Forums
WoWBlogger Blog
WoWCast The place where champions discuss everything around WoW focussed at PvP and Arena, giving daily news regarded recent events and streaming daily shows.
WoW-Blogger Blog Forum
WoW-IstA Guides for classes, instanced and raids. Blog
WOW Source News, community, story, patches, videos
WoW-Sammler Raid Setup, Hitcap-Rechner, Char und Gilden-Ranking, Blue Post Tracker
WoW-Sammler Datenbank Items, Quests, NPCs Datenbank
WoW Today News, Community, Story, Patches, Videos German wiki

Korean Edit

Name URL Summary
WowGate Database, character profiles, addon

Polish Edit

Name URL Summary Network News, forum, guides, support and a lot more!
Black Wing's Lair
Ironforge World of Warcraft Fansite Official Polish WoW Fansite

Portuguese Edit

Name URL Summary
Wm icon WoW Mestre Guias e Tutoriais totalmente em português, conteudo exclusivo e novidades do mundo WoW.

Russian Edit

Name URL Summary Specializes in lore.
WoW Champion

Spanish - Español Edit

Spanish - Español
Name URL Summary
Pastando en Mulgore Lore, Fan-Art, Podcasting, and News (Official Fansite).
Las Aventuras de Perle Class Guides PvE, Fan-Art, Lore, and More (Official Fansite).
Raider Boss News, Class & Raid Guides, Gold making and More (Official Fansite).
Círculo del Valor Class PvP Guides, and News (Official Fansite).
WowChakra News, Class & Raid Guides (Official Fansite).
Blizzholics News, Cosplay, Events, and Podcasting.
Alter Time Leveling & Farming Guides.
Rioda News, and Easter Eggs.
TheAwakening TheAwakening Lore Videos, and News.
54Grades 54Grades Windwalker Guides, and Events.
Dange Dange Lore Videos and News.
Mokenuf Mokenuf Lore, and Addon Guides.
Keldane "Hola a Todos" Keldane Farming & Leveling Videos.
Moviéndose del Fuego Moviéndose del Fuego News, Podcasting, and Lore.
El Diario de Karlana El Diario de Karlana News, Podcasting, and Lore.

Other languages Edit

Dutch Edit

Name URL Summary
WoWCore Dutch World of Warcraft News and Community Website.
World of Warcraft Nederland Official dutch fansite
Hollands Glorie Grootste Nederlandstalige World of Warcraft cross-realm community.
Wow At War Met nieuws & forum etc.

And more Edit




Databases and resources Edit

Databases and resources
Name URL Summary
Romananian Wow in a Box Romanian World of Warcraft comumnity and database website.
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