Fanlyr Silverthorn is a level 90 blood elf first encountered on Pandaria. He directs members of the Reliquary in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms and Kun-Lai Summit, and travels as part of Lor'themar Theron's retinue to various other points of interest.

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Fanlyr was sent by Garrosh with a blood elven expedition to the Ancestral Rise in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms where the expedition found Mercurial Guardian. After the Guardian is defeated, Fanlyr learns information on the [Divine Bell], and informs Garrosh of it. He is also part of the blood elven force sent to Kun-Lai Summit, and survived the mogu ambush; later, Fanlyr joins Regent Lord Lor'themar Theron on his trip to the Valley of the Emperors, and pleads with Garrosh not to slay a captured mogu warlord, so he could be taken in for questioning. Garrosh stays his hand, but threatens to put Fanlyr's head on a pike outside Orgrimmar should he disrespect the Warchief again. He is then seen in Garrosh'ar Advance while Garrosh is interrogating Shan Kien.

Under orders from the Warchief, Fanlyr travelled through a portal conjured by a Silvermoon Mageω to transport himself and Horde champions to Darnassus, where the Alliance had hidden the Divine Bell. After stealing the Divine Bell, Fanlyr sends it to Silvermoon and orders his companion(s) to go through the portal while he covers their tracks. However, despite his best efforts, Jaina Proudmoore discovers that someone was able to circumvent her wards and later goes on to expel the entire Sunreaver organization from Dalaran.

It is unknown what happened with him afterwards.

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Whether Fanlyr was an official member of the Sunreavers or not is unclear. He spends most of his time quite overtly commanding the Reliquary throughout the campaign, and refers to the Sunreavers as "they" rather than "we" when discussing "their" involvement in the Divine Bell operation. A misconception is that Fanlyr was the one who conjured the Sunreaver portal to Darnassus, though this is incorrect: a nameless Sunreaver mage channelled the portal Fanlyr (and the player) took to breach the city's wards, while Fanlyr himself was more of a liaison for the player.

During the trial of Garrosh Hellscream, Anduin Wrynn described the theft of the bell. He said that a Sunreaver agent, acting on orders from Garrosh, stole the artifact with several other Horde members, although he may had gotten this information from Jaina.

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