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Subtlety rogues will enjoy the silent elegance of the Fangs of Goremaw when they strike at the enemy from within the shadows. These daggers bite with all of the venom of a viper — quick, stealthy, and deadly.

This pair of daggers serve as an artifact weapon introduced with World of Warcraft: Legion.


Goremaw the Devourer, Sargeras' personal hound, claimed countless lives before it was eventually ambushed and killed on another world long ago. Following the hound's death, Mephistroph had its fangs crafted into two powerful daggers that still carried with them some of the potent withering essence that made Goremaw's bites so deadly. These daggers were passed to Akaari, one of Sargeras' most deadly assassins, who wields them to this day.[1]


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