This article is about how to defeat Falric in the Halls of Reflection. For Falric's character biography, see Falric.

Falric is the first boss of the Halls of Reflection, guarding the way to the Lich King's throne room. Formerly a Lordaeron captain serving at the right hand of Prince Arthas Menethil during his campaigns against the Scourge, he and his friend Marwyn became powerful Scourge commanders when their prince turned to evil, and now defend his inner sanctum.[1]

Falric becomes active on the fifth wave of the gauntlet of ghosts (based on Human units, "Lordaeron soldiers", from Warcraft III) spawned to block intruders, and must be defeated in order to continue the gauntlet to the final battle with Marwyn.


  • Ability rogue cuttothechase  [Quivering Strike]ω ϖ (Heroic modeω ϖ) Melee range—A fearful strike lands on the enemy, dealing 60% of the damage of a normal melee swing and reducing the target's chance to dodge by 20% for 5 sec. This strike may not be avoided. Instant. Magic debuff. 100% damage on Heroic.
  • Spell shadow psychichorrors  [Impending Despair]ω ϖ 45 yd range—Inflicts an enemy with a sense of impending despair. The target will be stunned and cowering for 6 sec. if not dispelled before 6 sec. Instant. Magic debuff. (3 sec cooldown)
  • Spell shadow psychicscream  [Defiling Horror]ω ϖ (Heroic modeω ϖ)—A blood curdling yell rings out, filling the minds of nearby enemy targets with Horror and dealing 2500 Shadow damage every 1.0 sec. for 4 sec. Instant. As a Horror effect, it is not dispellable, even by Will of the Forsaken or Tremor Totem. 4000 damage per 1 sec on Heroic (4 sec cooldown)
  • Achievement dungeon naxxramas  [Hopelessness]ω ϖ (Heroic modeω ϖ) 100 yd range—Reduces the damage and healing dealt by all nearby enemies by 20%, stacking to 60%. Instant. 25% on heroic, stacking to 75%


Falric will begin by unleashing the four waves of adds, a random assortment of the following mobs, in increasing numbers each wave:

  • Combat 15 Ghostly Priest - casts Shadow Word: Pain, Circle of Destruction, Cower in Fear and Dark Mending.
  • Combat 15 Phantom Mage - casts Fireball, Frostbolt, Chains of Ice and Flamestrike. Summons Phantom Hallucinations.
    • Combat 15 Phantom Hallucination - same spells as the Phantom Mage. Summoned with the same amount of health. Explodes when killed.
  • Combat 15 Shadowy Mercenary - Rogue that inflicts Deadly Poison and also throws poisoned daggers. Can also Kidney Shot.
  • Combat 15 Spectral Footman - Warrior who can shield bash and enrage.
  • Combat 15 Tortured Rifleman - Hunter that can shoot normal projectiles, Ice Shots or Cursed Arrows, and sets Frost Traps.

The trash proximity aggro on whoever is closest when the mobs become active. Thus, the easiest way to handle the waves is to stand in the entrance hallway or the alcoves with Falric with the tank on point so that the tank, and not the healer or squishy DPS, winds up with initial aggro. This makes it much easier for the tank to pick up the mobs. The priests should be taken care of first – Dark Mending heals for a very large amount if it is not interrupted, Shadow Word: Pain deals a good amount of damage, and Circle of Destruction and Cower In Fear can be very dangerous if they hit the heal;er, as they interrupt heals that could save the tank at the last second. The rest of the pull can be dealt with as the party sees fit, though rogues (mercenaries) are usually dealt with second because of their powerful poisons on the whole group and their stuns on the tank which lead to threat loss and sometimes aggro loss. Do not underestimate undead-capable crowd control if things get out of hand.

At wave 5, Falric will become active and attack. His Defiling Horror is very dangerous, and can easily kill someone if they are not healed to full or do not have enough health (16000 damage on heroic mode). Since it is a horror effect, it can not be dispelled by normal conventions, so the most can be done is just healing through it after the fear has gone off. Shadow resistance buff or aura helps mitigate some of the damage. Counteract the fear as much as possible and dispel the Impending Despair. Hopelessness will get stronger as Falric loses more health, so players dying to the fear is more of a liability than usual. After Falric dies, there will be a momentary pause before Marwyn begins the gauntlet again.


Inv misc cape 11
Inv helmet 153
Inv sword 119
Inv gauntlets 91
Inv boots chain 11
Inv shoulder 100

Inv bracer 32a
Inv chest plate22
Inv axe 89
Inv wand 1h stratholme d 02
Inv shoulder 115
Inv boots chain 13
Spell holy summonchampion

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  • Soldiers of Lordaeron, rise to meet your master's call!
  • Men, women and children... None were spared the master's wrath. Your death will be no different.
Impending Despair
  • Despair... so delicious...
Defiling Horror
  • Fear... so exhilarating...
Killing a player
  • Sniveling maggot!
  • The children of Stratholme fought with more ferocity!
  • Marwyn, finish them...


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