Falfindel Waywarder was a level 28 quest giver located in Thalanaar in the contested territory of Feralas.

See List of Feralas NPCs.


He started and ended the removed quest Alliance 15 [34] The Crone of the Kraul (Dungeon).

He (only) ended the removed quests:


  • Possible inspiration from the character Glorfindel[1] in Lord of the Rings trilogy by J.R.R. Tolkien. Glorfindel is the very elf who helps Frodo escaping the ring-wraiths, and drive them into the water, where Elrond and Gandalf are able to dismantle them, by making the river wash over the Nazgûls and their horses. (Not to be confused with Peter Jackson's version of the book, where it is Arwen who does this.) When completing the quest "Reclaiming the Charred Vale(2)" which ends at Falfindel Waywarder, he will start an enchantment: "Spirits of the forest come forth and head nature's call!", very soon about a dozen wisps will come to Falfindel and he will tell them to make haste to the Charred Vale.


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