Fahrad <Grand Master Rogue> is a level 60 quest giver and rogue trainer located in Ravenholdt Manor in the contested territory of Alterac Mountains. He is currently the only Grand master trainer outside Northrend.

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  • Fahrad says: Hmph! A lucky blow against an unprepared opponent.
  • Fahrad says: If he succeeds in looting the whole of Gilneas, there's no telling where he'll hide next. Now is the time to strike.
  • Fahrad says: She allowed herself to be defeated. The others will not be so weak.
  • Fahrad says: Shall we execute him, my prince?
  • Fahrad says: Yes sir?
  • Fahrad says: Your first target is here, in the ruins of Gilneas. I've lost some of my best men already: let's see if you can fare any better.
  • Fahrad says: Your highness, we caught this beast snooping around the caves just outside the compound.

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