Explorers' League Outpost

Explorers' League Outpost

Explorers' League Outpost is an Alliance quest hub located in the southeast area of the Howling Fjord, east of Nifflevar and Daggercap Bay and just west of Baelgun's Excavation Site and Stonewall Lift.


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Explorers' League Outpost2

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While there is no flight path to or from here, players can talk to McGoyver to fly from Valgarde to here and use Inv misc ahnqirajtrinket 03 [Icehammer's Harpoon Controller] given during Alliance 15 [71] Let's Go Surfing Now at nearby Nifflevar to get back. Be advised, the flight path from Valgarde to this location is much longer than just swimming across the water and riding up to the outpost.

Players are expected to encounter the outpost of the Explorers' League after the Utgarde Catacombs quest chains from Valgarde are concluded, before moving on to Westguard Keep.


The entire camp and most of the dwarves in it (and at Ivald's Ruin far to the northeast) are a play on the film The Big Lebowski.

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