This article is about the general administrative tool. For the in-game calendar, see Calendar. For other uses, see Event.

An event calendar, also sometimes known as a Raid Calendar, is an important guild management tool that allows administrators to inform their guild members of upcoming events and solicit their participation. This is not to be confused with the yearly calendar of in-game events on the official site.


Guild administrators frequently use web-based or in-game calendar modules to post upcoming guild events with descriptions, date/times, and number of members desired of each class type. This is often done at the start of the week, with guild members checking their guild web site to plan out their play time so that they can be sure to log in at the requested times to join with their friends.

This is particularly important for use in playing end-game content, where large 10 or 25-man raids are required to combat the more difficult bosses and instances. Organizing and making sense of groups of members over 5 or so is a difficult task, and tool support can make it much easier.

Website Event Tool Operation

A general summary of how the website event tools are used is as:

  • Guild administrators post the events planned for the guild. These are displayed either in list-format or calendar-format, and made available on one or both of the guild home page or a separate calendar/event page.
  • Guild members are expected to visit this page periodically throughout the week to see what upcoming activites there might be, and to sign up for those of interest.
  • Guild administrators use the tool to "accept" queued signups, "reject" signups from members that aren't suitable for the raid for one reason or another, and to generally keep the signup group informed of the event status and details. As an example, the administrators will frequently add links over time to strategy guides, post requests for members to farm for consumables, and so forth.

Guild Site Integration

Many guild sites offer a raid calendar module for display on the guild web site. One example can be found at the Guildomatic Calendar Spotlight.

Some websites are dedicated to managing guild events and can be integrated with any guild sites or guild forums. See to have an example.

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