Eva Sarkhoff is a level 54 quest giver located by the entrance to the Scholomance on Caer Darrow in the contested territory of Western Plaguelands [70, 73]

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Biography Edit

Eva Sarkhoff was the head maid of the Barovs residence in Caer Darrow. She was married to Alexei Barov's butler Lucien Sarkhoff.

When the Barov family accepted Kel'Thuzad's offer of immortality, Eva and Lucien hid in the corridors of the Caer Darrow keep. They stole food from their former masters and survived that way for six months. In those months they watched horrors of the Scourge arriving to gain further training in the arts of necromancy everyday. But then it happened.

They were discovered by the undead and they were used for experiements of Doctor Theolen Krastinov. They were tortured for days and weeks, denied death by magical means. When finally the Doctor was finished with them and they felt deaths embrace, it was but a short pleasure. Lucien and Eva were revived and thrown to the ghouls, who devoured them.

Now their spirits are trapped in Azeroth, and they ask adventures to travel to Scholomance and burn their remains, so that they can leave Azeroth for eternity.

Quests Edit

She starts and ends the following quests:

Notes Edit

She might be related to Tobias Sarkhoff.

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