For overall tactics against the boss group, see Reliquary of Souls. For the item, see [Essence of Desire].

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All spells used by EoD can be interrupted, reflected or spell stolen.

  • Aura of Desire: 50% of damage dealt hits the player. Healing increased by 100%. Max player mana reduced by 5% every 8 seconds (after 160 seconds mana users have 0 mana)
  • Deaden: 1 sec cast, increase damage taken by 100%, 10 second duration
  • Spirit Shock: 1 sec cast, 9250-10750 arcane damage plus 5 sec confuse
  • Rune Shield: 15 sec duration. Absorb 50000 damage, grant immunity to interrupt effects. Increases attack and cast speed by 100%

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