Erekem is an arakkoa mini-boss located in the Violet Hold. His escape comes with two adds.

Attacks and abilities

  • Erekem + Erekem Guard and Erekem Controller (?)
  • Spawns from the left side.
  • Quick Learn - Tank all three on the top of the steps (or where ever). All DPS on the mini-boss and burn him down.
  • If you kill the adds first, he will apply a debuff called Stormstrike onto the tank. The tank then will take repetitive 6 - 7k melee hits until they die.

This is a very simple fight — just tank and spank and kill the mini-boss first, while keeping aggro on the two adds.


Normal mode
Inv misc cape 07
  • Screeching Cape
  • Item Level 175
    Disenchants into:
    [Dream Shard]: 1 (99.5%)
    [Abyss Crystal]: 1 (0.5%)
  • Binds when picked up
  • Cloak
    "Cloak" is not in the list of possible values (Cloth armor, Leather armor, Mail armor, Plate armor, Axe, Dagger, Fishing pole, Fist weapon, Mace, Miscellaneous, Polearm, Staff, Sword, Bag, Enchanting bag, Engineering bag, Gem bag, Herb bag, Leatherworking bag, Mining bag, Soul bag, Arrow, Bow, Bullet, Crossbow, Gun, Idol, Libram (relic), Shield, Sigil, Thrown, Totem (relic), Wand) for this property.
  • Back
  • 134 Armor
  • +25 Strength
    +51 Stamina
  • Requires level 75
  • Equip: Increases defense rating by 34.
    Equip: Increases your expertise rating by 19.
  • Icon-3D-48x48
  • Sell Price: 3Gold 83Silver 33Copper
Inv pants cloth 11

Heroic mode
Inv mace 61
Inv misc cape 18
Inv boots chain 08
Spell holy summonchampion



  • Free to--mm--fly now. Ra-aak... Not find us--ekh-ekh! Escape!


  • Not--caww--get in way of--rrak-rrak--flee!

Add dies:

  • My---raaak--favorite! Awk awk awk! Raa-kaa!
  • Nasty little...A-ak, kaw! Kill! Yes, kill you!


  • No--kaw, kaw--flee...

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