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Herald Volazj
Inv pants cloth 06
Inv gauntlets 26
Inv bracer 07
Inv wand 07


Inv belt 10
Inv bracer 07
Inv belt 33
Inv wand 06

Culling of StratholmeEdit

Inv weapon hand 06
Inv jewelry ring ahnqiraj 06
Inv pants mail 03
Inv shield 58
Royal Crest of Lordaeron

Royal Crest of Lordaeron PNG

Inv bracer 18

Infinite Corruptor
Ability mount drake bronze

Drak'Tharon KeepEdit

The Prophet Tharon'ja
Inv gauntlets 55
Inv pants leather 13
Inv bracer 17
Inv jewelry ring 47


Inv belt 11
Inv jewelry ring 39
Inv gauntlets 31
Inv pants leather 25

Halls of LightningEdit

Inv bracer 18
Inv axe 76
Inv belt 24
Inv pants cloth 26

Halls of StoneEdit

Sjonnir the Ironshaper
Inv bracer 17
Inv pants leather 09
Inv belt 15
Inv weapon shortblade 70

The NexusEdit

Inv bracer 09
Inv gauntlets 20
Inv belt 34
Inv mace 77

The OculusEdit

Cache of Eregos
Inv staff 83
Inv pants plate 20
Inv bracer 07
Inv gauntlets 50

Utgarde KeepEdit

Ingvar the Plunderer
Inv jewelry ring 79
Inv weapon crossbow 28
Inv belt 24
Inv pants plate 02

Utgarde PinnacleEdit

Ability mount drake proto
  • Reins of the Blue Proto-Drake
  • Item Level 70
    Disenchants into:
    Not disenchantable
  • Binds when picked up
  • Unique
  • Mount
    "Mount" is not in the list of possible values (Back, Chest, Feet, Finger, Hands, Head, Held in off-hand, Legs, Main Hand, Neck, Off Hand, One-Hand, Projectile, Ranged, Relic, Shirt, Shoulder, Tabard, Thrown, Trinket, Two-Hand, Waist, Wrist, Two-Handed) for this property.
  • Requires level 70
  • Requires Riding (300)
  • Use: Teaches you how to summon this mount. Can only be summoned in Outland or Northrend. This is a very fast mount.

King Ymiron
Inv gauntlets 18
Inv belt 10
Inv belt 19
Inv sword 117

Violet HoldEdit

Inv bracer 17
Inv pants plate 21
Inv gauntlets 26
Inv staff 84
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