Eoin Dunwald is a hearty Wildhammer dwarf and twin brother of Cayden Dunwald. He can be initially located at the old well[53.1, 74.1]
within the Dunwald Ruins in the Twilight Highlands, pacing back and forth and complaining about how the Twilight's Hammer clan have stolen Wildhammer ale while sacking the town. He later joins his brothers at the Dunwald Town Square[50.2, 71.1]
in fighting the leader of the Twilight that led the attack.



  • For Anything But Water, Eoin appears and accepts the turn-in at the player's location.
  • For A Steady Supply, players will usually turn this in to Eoin when joining him and his brothers within the Town Square.
  • For Home Again, Eoin only offers this if he is the last Dunwald players assist.

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