This article is about the type of elemental. For the Felwood mob, see Entropic Beast.

Entropic beasts were once fire elementals that have since been tainted with the corruption of Felwood. Their flames form vaguely man-like shape that advances angrily, blazing with a greenish fire that hints of corruption. Driven mad by their exile, they now seek to destroy all living things. Entropic beasts resemble fire elementals in all but their greenish tint. As they haunt areas of severe destruction, such as the Shattered Vale, they may be tied to such areas in some way. If they detect an intruder in the broken landscape, they attack without question until they or the invader are destroyed. Although they do not attack each other or other fire elementals, entropic beasts do not communicate or cooperate, unless they happen to be wandering in the same area at the same time some unlucky traveler happens across them. Entropic beasts blaze up to 12 feet high and weigh 300 pounds. They may once have been able to speak or understand Kalimag, but do so no longer. Entropic beasts savagely attack anything that intrudes on their domain except other entropic beasts, entropic horrors, or fire elementals. They seem to delight particularly in setting creatures afire and watching them burn to death.[1]


Entropic beasts
Entropic horrors


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