Ranged weapons usable by mages, priests, and warlocks that fire magic bolts, but use no mana or ammo.


Temporary buffs applied to a player's weapon. They stack with permanent enchantments, but not other temporary ones (such as sharpening stones, rogue poisons, and shaman weapon spells like Windfury). They are similarly wiped when you enter/leave an instance, or switch continents.

Wizard Oil

Boosts your damage from spells.

Mana Oil

Gives an increased mana-regeneration rate (works in and out of combat).


Usable only by enchanters to perform enchantments. Since they are BoP and gradually used as materials to make better rods, most enchanters will only ever make one of each kind of rod.


Enchanting materials

While most materials used by enchanters to make new enchantments are randomly gained by disenchanting items, some materials can also be made using other materials already in possession of the enchanter.

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