Spell holy greaterheal

Permanently enchant a Melee Weapon to do 5 additional points of damage.


Inv enchant shardbrilliantlarge
2x [Large Brilliant Shard]
Inv enchant essenceeternallarge
10x [Greater Eternal Essence]


Inv wand 09 [Runed Arcanite Rod]

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Inv misc note 01 [Formula: Enchant Weapon - Superior Striking] is an uncommon drop from Spirestone Warlords in Lower Blackrock Spire. The drop rate is ~1%.

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This enchant adds a blue glow to the weapon.

Considered to be best MH dagger enchant for rogues because of its stacking with the 250% and 150% damage modifiers on Backstab and Ambush.

Other comparable enchants are:

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