Little is known of Emperor Ninjter. His coronation was a time of great celebration among the tol'vir, and a long and prosperous rule was foretold. During his liefetime he instructed to build a massive Desert Palace altought it was never finished.[1] The emperor died very young, before much of his great destiny could unfold.[2] A jar contains the petrified organs of Emperor Ninjter.[3] This small clay cat displays a lifelike pose and expression. His beloved pet Chalyx, a cat, got a statue in its honor.[4]

Emperor Ninjter seems to be beloved by his people. Carved in loops of script around the pommel of a Scimitar and down its hilt can be read the words 'May Emperor Ninjter lead us to victory!'.[5] On a Soapstone Scarab Necklace the words can be read 'Presented to Emperor Ninjter on the day he assumed the throne. We expect only greatness in his reign.'.[6] A Tiny Oasis Mosaic tiles colored in brilliant turquoise, green and sand. 'Our hopes and prayers are to Emperor Ninjter, that he may end the famine and restore glory to the Ramkahen!'[7]


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