A Horde raid faces Roman'khan (prior to patch 2.3)

A Silithus outdoor mob which is spawned by a quest. Prior to patch 2.3, he was much stronger and required a small raid to kill. He doesn't drop anything but the item required for the quest.


The Anubisath Roman'khan is an Emissary of the Qiraji. He delivers their will to the overlords of Hive'Ashi (Aluntir), Hive'Zora (Arakis), and Hive'Regal (Xil'xix).


Emissary Roman'khan is spawned by the quest Neutral 15 [60G] The Calling that requires you to kill him and loot the Spell nature stoneskintotem [Crystal Unlocking Mechanism]. This encounter was designed for 20 people, but the quest would allow you to do it with up to 40.


  • Wilt - An AOE ability that locks on to several mana-using raid members (around 10) then hits them repeatedly, dealing 500-ish Nature damage (resistable) and draining mana constantly (not resistable). Every point of mana drained will restore a large amount of mana to the Emissary. It is recommended to keep HoTs on the people targeted by Wilt.
  • System Shock - Single target damage spell that will blast a random person for 1500-4000 damage, and heals Roman'khan for a small amount. As Roman'khan gains mana, he uses this ability more often and it does more damage.
  • Explode - When Roman'khan's mana bar is full he will use this ability for massive AOE damage. For this reason, it is recommended to keep mana draining Roman'khan, unless you have a large raid that can dps him down.
  • Drain Life - Whenever a player dies due to Roman'khan's abilities, he will regenerate 2% health.


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The reward from completing the quest comes in the form of 2 blue items.

See: Armaments of War

Cloth Leather Mail Plate


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