Embalming Slimes are located in the third room of the Construct Quarter of Naxxramas.

Attacks and abilities

  • Emits a Slime Cloud doing 3515 to 4085 Nature damage to anyone within a 10 yard radius.
  • Moves at 50% speed.
  • About 20 Slimes are linked and have approx 50K HP.


  1. Send a Kiter into the Embalming Slime room. A Hunter, Paladin, or Warrior can be used to kite. A Paladin can Shield to get aggro, the Warrior can use shouts, and the Hunter can use AE at intervals.
  2. The raid should enter the room, being careful not to get to close to the slime pack as it is being kited. The raid will AoE the slime pack.

It is important to note that the aggro radius is quite large. Once you are in the room and have them dead, get to the next room and make sure people stay very far away from the little slimes.

These respawn 3-4 minutes after they are killed.

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