Elyssa Thatcher (née Esposito) was a female murderer was featured in custom map is various. It is created by World Editor itself. She was killed by a gunshot wound at her chest and heart through after she suffered a heart attack by the punctured police officer during murder mystery stories.

Statistics in Warcraft III Custom unitsEdit

  • 1000 HP (instead of 975)
  • 600 MP (instead of 570 similar to Dark Ranger)
  • 41-51 Damage (instead of 36-46 and Chaos damage)


  • Silence
  • Wind Walk
  • Critical Strike
  • Animate Dead


She was killed by the police; killed herself as a heart attack if injected her, and strangled to her death after dinner in the custom maps.


  • Elyssa is a playable character. Those damned females that attack the bellboy V. Cartwright with her fist.
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