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Elling Trias is the owner of the shop Trias Cheese which is located in the Trade District within Stormwind City. He runs his shop with Elaine and Ben Trias, presumably his wife and son.

Giving the impression of being a mere cheese vendor, Elling Trias is a man with more to him than it appears at first glance. He has a wide net of contacts, stretching from SI:7 to agents as far off as Hearthglen.

He may be related to David Trias of Deathknell who also happens to be a rogue trainer and Lucian Trias a Cheese vendor in Dalaran.

According to the random fishing drop from the Dalaran fountain, [Elling Trias' Copper Coin]: "Being a rogue is hard work. Someday I hope to pursue my life's one true passion..."

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It's speculated by some that Elling Trias might be the former leader of the SI:7, and as such the mentor of Mathias Shaw. While not the former leader (Pathonia Shaw having handed leadership directly to her grandson), he may well have taken part in the extensive training that Mathias experienced for his leadership role, but as a member of the Stormwind Assassins.

He is probably still an active member of the Assassins, but now only assigns jobs and oversees lower members (such as Tyrion the Gnome and Kirsta Deepshadow), and discreetly investigates matters of national importance (such as in The Missing Diplomat quest chain).

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