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This article or section contains lore taken from the Warcraft manga or comics.

Eli Blackfinger was the son of the famous blacksmith Nori Blackfinger. After Eli arrived at his father's new shop in Booty Bay, he discovered that his father had grown greedy during his time in the goblin town. One day an elf entered Nori's shop to make an order. Eli was suspicious of the elf, for he asked for a discreet midnight transaction, but Nori simply rebuffed Eli. At the meeting, Nori handed the blade to the elf and was given his payment, then Eli saw who the blade was for; a merciless orc bandit named Havoc the Heartless. Eli tried to compel Nori to stop him from taking his blade, but Nori responded coldly "It's none of my business." The next day, Eli left, being disgusted with how greedy Nori had become. Nori grew angry, and in his anger, took his blade away from Eli and gave him a rusted weapon in return. Eli followed Havoc's trail to a trail connecting Redridge Mountains and Elwynn Forest, and found Havoc and a group of bandits about to kill a poor farmer, Eli killed the bandits, and battled Havoc, but in the end Eli's rusted sword broke, and he was killed by Havoc. The farmer returned the body of Eli to Nori, who swore revenge upon Havoc, but it would take three years before he succeeded in killing Havoc.

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