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Previous: Gilneas civil war, Operation: Gnomeregan, Zalazane's Fall
Concurrent: Alliance–Horde War (Cataclysm), Invasion of Gilneas
War for the Second Sundering
Place: Azeroth (world)
Outcome: Undetermined, ongoing
Major Battles: Elemental Invasion

War in Cataclysm, also called War for the Second Sundering, is a destructive conflict between the forces manipulated by the Old Gods (then Black dragonflight and Twilight's Hammer) and the most of the mortal sapient races on Azeroth alongside its natural protectors (as the uncorrupt dragons and Ancients) who fight to protect the planet from the imminent destruction caused by the Cataclysm and of the vile ancient ones' manipulated forces attack. But the things like that will not be easy as Alliance and Horde are at open war and aren't completely focused in combat the ancestral treat together.


Deathwing disappeared after the events of the Day of the Dragon. No one knows what he could came to plan... As his whereabouts still unknow his son, Nefarian, conducts experiments to create a new powerful dragonflight, but seems to have only partial success and partial failure. Basing in Nefarian's experiments, Sintharia, disguising yourself as Lady Sinestra with the aid of two artifacts, an ally, and a prisoner, created a new powerful dragonflight. In time, the black dragonflight ends its war against Ragnaros, allying itself with him and Al'akir. Suddently Deathwing return to Azeroth... And the world will not be the same with his return.

With Deathwing destructive awake in Deepholm following the destruction of the World Pillar and as the Naga activity in the Great Sea treats Neptulon's domain, Therazane and the Tidehunter becomes aligned with the factions who fight against the Second Sundering.

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