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This is a guide on how to train Engineering economically.

As this is intended to save you money, buy only the materials you are sure you will need. If you run out, buy more. It is only more cost-effective to gather your own materials rather than buying them if you make very little gold per hour (for example, if your main source of income are dailies or a gathering profession). Avoid having extras, but if you do, try to sell them back on the Auction House.

Apprentice EngineeringEdit

Apprentice Engineering allows 75 maximum skill, requires level 5.

Skill Product Qty. Materials (Total/Covered)
1 Rough Blasting Powder 20
21 Rough Dynamite 9
30 Handful of Copper Bolts 20
50 Arclight Spanner 1
51 Copper Tube 14
65 Copper Modulator 10

Apprentice Engineering Totals

Journeyman EngineeringEdit

Journeyman Engineering allows 150 maximum skill, requires level 10 and 50 skill.

Skill Product Qty. Materials (Total/Covered)
75 Coarse Blasting Powder 12
87 Coarse Dynamite 3
90 Silver Contact x5 15
105 Practice Lock 10
115 Flying Tiger Goggles 15
130 Heavy Blasting Powder 100
145 Big Bronze Bomb 5

Journeyman Engineering Totals

Expert EngineeringEdit

Expert Engineering allows 225 maximum skill, requires level 20 and 125 skill.

Skill Product Qty. Materials (Total/Covered)
150 Big Bronze Bomb 5
155 Gold Power Core 10
160 Iron Strut 20
170 Gyrochronatom 20
180 Solid Blasting Powder 60
190 Gyromatic Micro-Adjustor 5
195 Goblin Land Mine 20
215 Hi-Impact Mithril Slugs 20

Expert Engineering Totals

Artisan EngineeringEdit

Artisan Engineering allows 300 maximum skill, requires level 35 and 200 skill.

Skill Product Qty. Materials (Total/Covered)
225 Hi-Impact Mithril Slugs 20
235 Spellpower Goggles Xtreme 10
245 Mithril Gyro-Shot 10
250 Dense Blasting Powder 30
260 Thorium Widget 20
280 Thorium Tube 5
285 Thorium Shells 30

Artisan Engineering Totals

Master EngineeringEdit

Master Engineering allows 375 maximum skill, requires level 50 and 275 skill.

Skill Product Qty. Materials (Total/Covered) Notes
-/300/305/310 Handful of Fel Iron Bolts 270
-/300/310/<325? Fel Iron Casing 55
-/300/310/<325? Elemental Blasting Powder 35
-/310/320/330 Fel Iron Shells -
300/320/330/? Fel Iron Bomb 10
320/330/?/? Fel Iron Musket 15
330/335/?/? Adamantite Grenade -
335 White Smoke Flare 25
350 Khorium Power Core 20
360 Field Repair Bot 110G 20

Master Engineering Totals

Alternative Path

Here is an alternative way of leveling from 300 to 350.

Skill Product Qty. Materials (Total/Covered) Notes
300 Handful of Fel Iron Bolts 80 See instructions below
Fel Iron Casing 40
Elemental Blasting Powder 1 Makes 4
320 Fel Iron Musket 10
330 Adamantite Grenade 5
335 Icy Blasting Primers 1 See instructions below.

Makes 10.

335 or 336 Frost Grenade 10
345 or 346 Felsteel Stabilizer 5 or 4

Make all of the Handful of Fel Iron Bolts (!!make these first!!), Fel Iron Casing, and Elemental Blasting Powder first. They should get you to 320 or very close. Save them you will need them later. If you didn't get to 320 make Fel Iron Bomb till you get to 320.

At 335 make 1 Icy Blasting Primers. Only 1 should give you enough for the Frost Grenade later.

Alternative Totals

Grand Master EngineeringEdit

Grand Master Engineering allows 450 maximum skill, requires level 65 and 350 skill.

Note: Items will go green quickly in this tier, some after only 5 points.

Skill Product Qty. Materials (Total/Covered)
350 Handful of Cobalt Bolts xx
370 Volatile Blasting Trigger xx
375 Overcharged Capacitor xx
390 Froststeel Tube xx
400 Hyperspeed Accelerators xx
405 Diamond-cut Refractor Scope xx
410 Mammoth Cutters xx
420 Noise Machine 5-15
425 Global Thermal Sapper Charge (requires Goblin Engineering) xx
435 Gnomish Army Knife 10+

If you don't have Goblin Engineering, you can substitute Saronite Razorheads at only 2 Saronite Bars each. Once at 445, you can make your class headpiece (example, Truesight Ice Blinders) for 1 skill up point. This is trainable at 440 but is one of the few yellow recipes beyond 445, and you will probably want to make one anyway. Then keep making (depending on available gems) Heartseeker Scopes or Gnomish Army Knives until 450.

Grand Master Engineering Totals

Summary of required resourcesEdit

Materials Quantity Materials Quantity Materials Quantity Materials Quantity
Copper Bar84Linen Cloth32Weak Flux24Schematic: Goblin Land Mine1
Rough Stone20Light Leather90Heavy Stock15
Bronze Bar70Runecloth20
Silver Bar15Thick Leather40
Heavy Stone100Netherweave Cloth25
Coarse Stone12Mote of Fire9
Tigerseye30Mote of Earth18
Steel Bar20Primal Fire20
Mithril Bar60
Iron Bar100
Gold Bar10
Solid Stone120
Star Ruby20
Thorium Bar150
Dense Stone60
Fel Iron Bar405
Khorium Bar60
Adamantite Bar160