• Earthen Warplate
  • 14457 Armor
    +2592 Stamina
    +1547 [+60] Strength
  • UI-EmptySocket-Meta Meta Socket
    UI-EmptySocket-Red Red Socket 2x
    UI-EmptySocket-Blue Blue Socket 2x
    UI-EmptySocket-Yellow Yellow Socket 3x
  • Effect: Increases mastery rating by 428.
    Effect: Increases expertise rating by 197.
    Effect: Increases critical strike rating by 257.
    Effect: Increases haste rating by 856 [+30].
    Effect: Increases hit rating by 388.
  • Earthen Warplate (5 pieces)
  • [Earthen Pauldrons]
    [Earthen Legplates]
    [Earthen Helmet]
    [Earthen Gauntlets]
    [Earthen Battleplate]
  • (2) Set: Increases the damage done by your Bloodthirst and Mortal Strike abilities by 5%.
    (4) Set: Each time you use Overpower or Raging Blow you gain a 1% increase to attack power for 30 sec stacking up to 3 times.
  • Combined stats. Numbers in [brackets] indicate socket bonuses
For the normal version of this set see Earthen Warplate .


Earthen Warplate is the Tier 11 raid set for Arms / Fury Warriors.



Earthen Warplate
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