Flying Machine

Dwarven flying machine in WoW

For the Warcraft III unit, see Flying Machine (Warcraft III).

The dwarven flying machine is a mechanical flying machine flown by dwarven pilots. During the events of Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, it replaced the older Dwarven Gyrocopter.[1]

A dwarven improvement on helicopters built by their gnomish cousins, and their own Dwarven Gyrocopters, the flying machine is a heavily armed, flying gun platform. Thick armor protects the daredevil pilots who pilot the flying machines, but the armor also slows the vehicle considerably.[2] (M&M 186)

Perhaps the most unusual — or insane — warrior in the entire Alliance is the dwarven flying machine pilot. This captain of the skies performs everything from reconnaissance to bombing missions, fearing nothing (except perhaps a passing dragon). Elegantly clad in studded leather, the flying machine pilot strides confidently as he enters his craft. Young and alert, ignoring those who deride technology with a slight sneer, his positive manner might inspire those who don’t realize just how crazy he is. The flying machine pilot performs reconnaissance missions, and uses the weapons of his vehicle to attack aerial targets or perform strafing runs (the latter being a particularly tricky business). His vehicle also serves quite handily as a distraction, especially to those members of the Horde who are not used to the sight of such craft.[3] (APG 187)

In World of Warcraft

One can be seen flying at the end of Alliance 15 [52] Signal for Pickup. Doctor Weavil's Flying Machine can be seen on Alcaz Island, Dustwallow Marsh, as well as in the quest Neutral 15 [60G] Decoy!. They are also the guards of Toshley's Station.

Siege Vehicle

The flying machine appeared in the Wrath of the Lich King beta as a siege vehicle in Wintergrasp, but has yet to appear in release. It is a flying vehicle that is very quick but fragile, making it ideal for transport. It is highly vulnerable to anti-air weaponry. It carries a pilot and a gunner.


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