Upgrade Quests Edit

Step One: Bracers Edit

Quest Chain Edit

Bracers are the first piece to be upgraded. The level required to start this quest is 58.

Horde 15 Horde
The questgiver for the Horde is found in Thrall's Chamber. He gives you the quest An Earnest Proposition and tells you to collect 15 Venom Samples from Spiders/Scorpions in Silithus, and bring these and 20Gold to him. He's one of the guys across the room from Thrall. The drop rate isn't bad, it only takes about a half hour. If you or a friend will be making a Delicate Arcanite Converter for step 2, save any Ironweb Spider Silk that drop off the spiders.
Alliance 15 Alliance
For the Alliance, the quest giver is the human NPC named Deliana just inside the Ironforge throne room. She gives you the quest An Earnest Proposition and requires 15 Blood Samples from the bears and/or wintersabers in Winterspring, as well as 20Gold. The drop rate seemed to be 5-15%, as of patch 1.10.2. Much lower than it was in 1.10. The drop rate off the wintersabers in the Northwest corner of winterspring is considerably higher than the drop rate off the bears.
If you intend to do the next step of the chain to get the gloves and belt, you can save a return trip by picking up a Fel Elemental Rod before you leave. See the Winterspring section in the next step for more info.

After giving you your shiny new bracers, they send you on a quest (Alliance/Horde) to Gadgetzan to talk to a friend of theirs.

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