Alliance 32 Dun Baldar North Bunker
Dun Baldar North Bunker at night.
FactionAlliance 15 Stormpike Guard
NPCHorde 15 IconSmall Orc Male Wing Commander Mulverick

Dun Baldar North Bunker is one of the twin alliance bunkers in the alliance base of Dun Baldar. It is found just north and guarding the bridge into Dun Baldar - although it's defence of Dun Baldar is fairly weak when compared to the protection offered by the horde twin towers guarding Frostwolf Keep.

Like all alliance bunkers, it is protected by 4 Stormpike Bowmens. There are no archers on the ground floor, all are located at the top of the bunker. The archers on the top floor can often be taken out from outside the bunker by ranged horde players (hunters, priests, warlocks) - something not always possible for the horde towers due to the fact that horde towers are taller with the archers located at the top. It takes 4 minutes to fully capture and destroy the bunker. The archers will respawn after a length of time, if the bunker remains under alliance control.

A path leading north west from the back of the bunker heads to Alliance 15 Arch Druid Renferal and her druids who can summon Alliance 15 Ivus the Forest Lord with enough Inv misc gem pearl 06 [Storm Crystals] (200 in total).

Horde 15 Wing Commander Mulverick

Dun Baldar North Bunker holds the captured horde Wing Commander Mulverick. When a horde player talks to Mulverick, they can rescue and send him back to Frostwolf Village. If he safely arrives back to Frostwolf Village horde players will be able to turn in Inv misc food 69 Stormpike Commander's Flesh (30 in total) to enable an aerial assault. Mulverick will attack Stormpike Aid Station with enough Stormpike Commander's Flesh turned in, and his War Rider scout beacon is placed in the north Field of Strife crater.

Horde 15 Horde Quest: [60P] Call of Air - Mulverick's Fleet

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