Duggan Wildhammer is a level 55 rare mob Wildhammer Clan dwarf found in the Eastern Plaguelands.

In World of Warcraft

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A Wildhammer dwarf from the Twilight Highlands, Duggan had recently been banished by his own clan for reasons unknown. Never to step foot on his land again, Duggan seemed to have met a rather unfortunate fate when he ventured up north to the Eastern Plaguelands which was infested by a plague that the undead Scourge had brought. While trying to seek a life in the land, he discovered crates of barley and foolishly made mead with it, which turned out to be plagued.



Duggan Wildhammer says: Ooooooooh...
Duggan Wildhammer says: To the plaguelands went old Duggan, ta' send them Scourge back inta' th' groun'.
Duggan Wildhammer says: Where th' scent of death is on th' wind and everythin' is mostly brown.
Duggan Wildhammer says: An' when he did arrive there, what'd his dwarf eyes see?
Duggan Wildhammer says: A hundred crates of barley there ta' be makin' inta' mead!
Duggan Wildhammer says: But tha' mead was cursed with th' plague o' death, and now old Duggan, too.
Duggan Wildhammer says: An' surrounded by the Lich King's beasts, what could old Duggan do?
Duggan Wildhammer says: But though I feel the plague within, my hopes 'ave not yet sunk.
Duggan Wildhammer says: If'n I'm gonna be Scourge anyway, I might as well be drunk!



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