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WOW5Y - Druid of the Claw concept

Druid of the Claw concept

Druids of the Claw are druids that prefer to stay in Ability druid catform [Cat Form].


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In the RPG

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They are a class of druid. They were invaluable during the Third War. Their totem is the bear, and they use the bear's strength and resilience to ravage their enemies in close combat. Perhaps more than any other druid, Druids of the claw focus on combat prowess, preferring raw strength and staying power to stealth and subtlety.[1]

Druids of the claw take on the form of bears and wander the wilderness on a never-ending pilgrimage dedicated to the ursine Eternals. Though the destruction of the ancient Kaldorei homeland destroyed much of the land traveled by the twins, those who worship them have never given up their search for any of Ursoc’s "alewells" and Ursol’s carvings that may have survived to the present day.[2]

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