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Druid forms, TCG art

The Druid's most notable ability is shapeshifting into different forms.

For all forms, the following applies:

  • The druid is immune to polymorph in all forms except the default, humanoid form.
  • Druids can be sheeped in humanoid form if caught off guard for the full duration. (Cannot shapeshift out of it)
  • Shapeshifting also breaks all movement-impairing effects (like Slow or Hamstring) except the 3-second daze that can proc when one is attacked from behind by a melee attack.
  • Depending on the form, the druid is considered either humanoid (Caster and Moonkin), beast (Travel, Aquatic, Bear, Dire Bear, and Cat), or elemental (Tree of Life); and thus is vulnerable (or immune) to different spells. This also applies to being tracked.
  • Shapes are not buffs or magical effects, thus they may not be dispelled.

While shapeshifted into Bear, Cat, Aquatic, Travel, or Flight Form:

  • The Druid is considered a beast.
  • Mana regeneration still continues at the same speed as out of the form.
  • Weapons and armor with a "Chance on hit" effect as well as "Chance on hit" enchants will proc.
  • Weapon DPS and weapon +damage enchants have no effect, however, armor enchants and armor pieces such as that boost weapon damage work. The bonus damage from Weightstones and Sharpening Stones also work. Weapon enchants that boost stats such as Attack Power and Agility rather than weapon damage also work.
  • Items with an "Equip: When hit ..." work in forms.

In Moonkin form, the druid is considered humanoid, and while still immune to Polymorph and similar spells, can be affected by other abilities targeted at humanoids such as Sap.

Tree of Life is considered an elemental and thus vulnerable to elemental-dependent spells such as Banish.

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