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Revealed to be a hoax (no evidence or truth)

This was copyed from the's forums:

This post is probably going to be deleted, but as long as someone sees it and copies it down, we can continue spreading the real information!

Either way, yesterday evening Blizzard when uploading the fake Wisp race page, accidentally activated the real new race page, while I've lost the pictures and the website was taken down, but I still had the flavour text and racial abilities within my cache:

Q u o t e: While experienced adventurers know Drakonids best as some of their toughest adversaries when facing the Black Dragonflight, few know that not all of the Drakonids are loyal to Nefarian. These Drakonids have fled from the Spire, and our now looking to start a new society on Kalimdor.

The Night Elves, recognizing the plight of the Drakonids, quickly helped them establish a city of their own on Kalimdor. The newly made city of Drakespoir serves as a new beacon of hope for the Drakonids, and perhaps even the Dragon Flights themselves, for even the Black Drakonids realize that their original aspect was that of the Earth, and have devoted themselves to caring for the earth once more, like the Black Dragonflight did of old.

While the Alliance was originally distrusting of these new Allies, they quickly realized the potential and sheer strength the Drakonids had, and the value they could have for the Alliance as a whole, especially with the exploration of the hostile world of Outland.

Racial Abilities:

  1. Chromatic Resistance - Each colour of Drakonid has varying resistances, giving a +10 to resistances depending on their colour. Red Drakonids are resistant to Fire, Green Drakonids resistant to Nature, Bronze Drakonids resistant to Arcane, Blue Drakonids resistant to Frost and Black Drakonids resistant to Shadow.
  2. Massive Strength - Drakonids are strong enough to be able to wield a two-handed weapon in one hand. Choosing to do so however will incur a 25% penalty to the damage dealt and stats provided by the weapon.
  3. Brood Power - An active ability based on the colour the Drakonid has. Red Drakonids get a fire-based Damage over Time ability, Green Drakonids gain the ability to sleep an opponent for two seconds, Bronze Drakonids can slow a target's movement, attack and casting speed by 50% for 4 seconds, Blue Drakonids can burn a part of their opponents mana and Black Drakonids get a single target Shadow damage ability. The damage dealing abilities of the Red, Blue and Black Drakonids improves as levels are gained.
  4. Endurance - Drakonids gain a 5% bonus to their total health.

Character Creation Screen: While Drakonids have all the options other races do, we are proud to announce they are the first race in which your Skin Colour affects your racial traits!'

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