Dragonmaw Transporters carry Netherwing crystals and relics to the Dragonmaw Fortress on the mainland of Shadowmoon Valley from the Netherwing Ledge. Yarzill the Merc on the ledge gives you a quest to kill them and recover 10 Netherwing Relics.

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  • They fly in predictable paths over several of the larger rocks out in the Nether, and can be pulled with any sort of ranged attack. They attack with both crossbows and swords, and use Serpent Sting and Aimed Shot. The Aimed Shot hits for over 2000 damage unmitigated; they are very dangerous to cloth-wearers.
  • They appear to be immune to crowd controls; War Stomp, Maim, Cyclone, Fear and Death Coil do not work on them.
  • They hit 25% damage reduction for about 230 with regular melee and around 2250 with Aimed Shot.

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