For the Warcraft III unit, see Dragonhawk Rider (Warcraft III).

Dragonhawks riders (sometimes simply called Dragonhawks) are the high elf and blood elf version of windriders.

Blood Elf Dragonhawk Rider Edit

Dragonhawk riders are blood elf magi who take the fight to the air. The blood elves use these mounted warriors as support troops, nullifying ranged fighters and battlements with their spells. They are resplendent in gold and blue armor, each helm worked in stylized wings above each ear. They bear lances and pat their majestic dragonhawk mounts in preparation for battle. Dragonhawk riders are elite aerial warriors. As magi, dragonhawk riders tend to stay above the battle, using their spells to befuddle enemies and disable potentially dangerous foes. A favorite tactic of dragonhawk riders is to cast fog cloud over enemy battlements, rendering their long ranged attacks useless. Dragonhawk riders also use aerial shackles to disable flying opponents.[1] (APG 188)

High Elf Dragonhawk Rider Edit

Known as the dragonhawks of Quel'Danas, the high elves' deadly dragonhawk units are trained to scour the infested ranges of Quel'Thalas. From the aeries of the island refuge of Quel'Danas, these elite windriders seek intruders and report on the movements of troops through the scarred forests. Battle with the dragonhawks is a sudden, confusing, and swift move to find shelter from rending talons and razor sharp arrows. The high elves use aerial tactics and minor spell strikes from the sky to tear through their foes like a fierce wind. They often defend themselves and their mounts with mage armor before engaging in battle.[2] (LoC 113)

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