These questgiver NPCs will spawn in one of four spawn areas, and wander around. They appear to be doing quests in the area, referencing quests like Alliance 15 [6] The Great Moongraze Hunt ("These stags look nothing like talbuks.") and Alliance 15 [8] Nightstalker Clean Up, Isle 2... ("I'm supposed to be hunting infected nightstalkers... This should be easy.")

If you use Gift of the Naaru on them when they call for help, they'll give you the quest Alliance 15 [6] A Hearty Thanks!

Locations Draenei YounglingsEdit

Have a look at the map here for an easy view or read below:

  • east of Odesyus' Landing up the hill (roughly near 40,70)
  • east of stillpine GY right smack on the road near a rock (37,20)
  • near otherwise undescribed coordinates (55,47), (58,41), (46,31)
  • north and east of Azure Watch
  • east of the mountain where the Totem of Coo is found

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