Draenei Survivors were thrown from the ship as the Exodar crashed onto Azuremyst Isle. They are scattered all around Ammen Vale, wounded and badly affected by the radiation from the power crystals of the wrecked ship. The more able-bodied survivors are doing all they can to find the rest of their ship-mates and rescue them.


Draenei Survivor says: I don't know if I can make it. Please help me...
Draenei Survivor says: Everything hurts. Please make it stop...
Draenei Survivor says: Oh, the pain...
Draenei Survivor says: Ughhh... I hurt. Can you help me?
Draenei Survivor says: Many thanks to you <class>. I'd best get to the crash site and see how I can help out. Until we meet again...
Draenei Survivor says: Ugh... What is this place? Is that all that's left of the ship over there?



Draenei can use Gift of the Naaru to heal these survivors, allowing them to stand, elicit a comment to the player, then run in the direction of the crash site to disappear. No other healing magic seems to work give this effect.

Draenei Survivors are also the only NPC's in Ammen Vale who can be killed by Horde players.

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