Dr. Boom is the former protégé of Lead Sapper Blastfizzle at Area 52. Previously known as Sparky Uberthruster, he refused to wear his protective nether helmet and, over time, became irradiated. He later became known as Dr. Boom. He set up his camp northeast of Area 52 with a majority of the goblins' sapping equipment and has terrorized Area 52 ever since. Blastfizzle calls on adventurers of the Alliance and the Horde to destroy Dr. Boom and end his madness.

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Easy ranged weapon leveling Edit

Because Dr. Boom cannot move to attack when he is attacked, standing on the rocks behind him and shooting down at him makes him the best mob in the game to grind ranged weapon skill from. Buying the cheapest ammunition, such as Rough Arrow, will suffice (as will any gray-ranged weapon, such as the Light Crossbow). Roughly 1400 Ammunition will be required to go from 1 - 375 weapon skill.

Note: This is no longer true, as Dr. Boom has been given a normal ranged attack.


In World of Warcraft.

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  • Dr. Boom was a non-elite quest boss with 654,000 hitpoints; he did not move or use ranged attacks, making him a popular target for casters and Hunters to test their DPS output, as well as a target for leveling up ranged weapon skill. This fight was sort of a mini-game where you have to dodge his Bomblings to get close enough to throw the provided bombs at him, although it was possible to climb or fly over the rocks that surround him and kill him from behind. It was also possible to stand just beyond the range of the Bombling spawns and attack him that way, standing on the cart filled with explosives for instance.
  • He is also featured in a Hearthstone card.

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  • His name is a reference to Dr. Doom, and his Boom Bots are also references to Doombots.

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