A Dire Wolf in WCIII.


A Dire Wolf summoned by a Far Seer in WCIII.

Dire wolves look like normal wolves, but these creatures are nearly twice the size. These powerful beasts, 8-9 feet long and weighing 600-800 pounds, are the most well-known orc mounts.[1][2] As tall as a man, these great wolves have long tusked jaws that look like they could snap an iron bar. They have burning red eyes. Dire wolves are mottled gray or black in color.[2] Dire wolves thrive in the northern regions of Kalimdor and in Mulgore.

Though they can be trained as vicious combatants, most do avoid humans and other races, preferring to hunt down game. Untamed dire wolves hunt and fight much like their smaller brethren. Any substantial opposition will cause a pack to break off, looking for easier prey. Trained dire wolves will attempt to bite at vulnerable tendons in the legs or try to pierce the necks of opposing mounts.[1] Dire wolves are efficient pack-hunters that kill anything they catch.

Orcs have always been enthralled with the creatures' cunning and strength, and train them as their preferred mounts. Dire wolves prefer to attack in packs, surrounding and flanking a foe when they can.[2] Orcs sometimes use these fearsome monsters as mounts, preferring them to warhorses for their dexterity and ferocity.[3]

Dire wolves are also summoned by far seers as spirit wolves.


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