This is a page listing loot to be found in Dire Maul. For information about the instance itself, see Dire Maul.

Loot Edit

East wing Edit

Boss Weapons and Shields Cloth Leather Mail Plate Back Other

[Recipe: Runn Tum Tuber Surprise]
[Book of Incantations] (Quest Item)
[Crescent Key]

Lethtendris & Pimgib

[Quel'dorai Channeling Rod]
[Lethtendris's Wand]

[Felhide Cap]

[Pimgib's Collar]
[Lethtendris's Web] (Quest Item)



[Riptide Shoes]

[Waterspout Boots]

[Breakwater Legguards]

[Ace of Elementals]
[Tempest Talisman]
[Hydrospawn Essence] (Quest Item)

Zevrim Thornhoof

[Satyr's Bow]

[Gloves of Shadowy Mist]

[Clever Hat]

[Fervent Helm]

[Helm of Awareness]

Alzzin the Wildshaper

[Energetic Rod]
[Fiendish Machete]

[Whipvine Cord]

[Gloves of Restoration]

[Merciful Greaves]

[Energized Chestplate]
[Razor Gauntlets]

[Shadewood Cloak]

[Ring of Demonic Guile]
[Ring of Demonic Potency]



[Hammer of Revitalization]
[Huntsman's Harpoon]

[Ironweave Gloves]

[Boots of Ferocity]

[Libram of Hope]
[Totem of Rebirth]
[Left Piece of Lord Valthalak's Amulet] (Quest Item)
[Right Piece of Lord Valthalak's Amulet] (Quest Item)

North wing Edit

Boss Weapons and Shields Cloth Leather Mail Plate Back Other
Guard Mol'dar and Guard Slip'kik

[Jagged Bone Fist]
[Ogre Pocket Knife]
[Unsophisticated Hand Cannon]

[Sublime Wristguards]
[Robe of Combustion]

[Hyena Hide Belt]

[Denwatcher's Shoulders]
[Modest Armguards]

[Bulky Iron Spaulders]
[Gallant's Wristguards]

[Heliotrope Cloak]

[Gordok Nose Ring]
[Gordok Shackle Key]
[Gordok Inner Door Key]

Stomper Kreeg

[Kreeg's Mug]

Guard Fengus

[Jagged Bone Fist]
[Ogre Pocket Knife]
[Unsophisticated Hand Cannon]

[Robe of Combustion]

[Hyena Hide Belt]

[Modest Armguards]

[Gallant's Wristguards]

[Gordok Nose Ring]
[Gordok Shackle Key]

Knot Thimblejack

(Knot Thimblejack's Cache)

[Pattern: Belt of the Archmage]
[Pattern: Chromatic Cloak]
[Pattern: Hide of the Wild]
[Pattern: Shifting Cloak]
[Pattern: Cloak of Warding]
[Pattern: Felcloth Gloves]
[Pattern: Girdle of Insight]
[Pattern: Inferno Gloves]
[Pattern: Mongoose Boots]
[Pattern: Mooncloth Gloves]
[Pattern: Swift Flight Bracers]
[Ogre Tannin]

Captain Kromcrush

[Monstrous Glaive]

[Boots of the Full Moon]

[Mugger's Belt]

[Kromcrush's Chestplate]

[Gordok Shackle Key]

Cho'Rush the Observer

[Cho'Rush's Blade]
[Mana Channeling Wand]
[Observer's Shield]

[Insightful Hood]

King Gordok

[Barbarous Blade]

[Crown of the Ogre King]

[Bracers of Prosperity]

[Harmonious Gauntlets]
[Leggings of Destruction]

[Grimy Metal Boots]

[Ace of Warlords]
[Band of the Ogre King]
[Brightly Glowing Stone]
[Top Half of Advanced Armorsmithing: Volume I]

Gordok Tribute
(Tribute Run)

[Barrier Shield]
[Rod of the Ogre Magi]
[Unyielding Maul]
[Ogre Toothpick Shooter]
[Skullcracking Mace]

[Mindsurge Robe]
[Oddly Magical Belt]

[Cyclone Spaulders]
[Hyena Hide Jerkin]
[Mud Stained Boots]
[Shaggy Leggings]

[Ogre Forged Hauberk]
[Carrion Scorpid Helm]

[Elemental Plate Girdle]
[Gordok Bracers of Power]
[Scarab Plate Helm]

[Redoubt Cloak]

[Counterattack Lodestone]
[Tarnished Elven Ring]
[Schematic: Major Recombobulator]

West wing Edit

Boss Weapons and Shields Cloth Leather Mail Plate Back Other
Tendris Warpwood

[Petrified Bark Shield]
[Stoneflower Staff]

[Tanglemoss Leggings]

[Warpwood Binding]

Magister Kalendris

[Flamescarred Shoulders]

[Magically Sealed Bracers]

[Amplifying Cloak]

[Elder Magus Pendant]
[Mindtap Talisman]
[Pattern: Big Bag of Enchantment]

Tsu'zee (Rare)

[Brightspark Gloves]
[Threadbare Trousers]

[Murmuring Ring]

Illyanna Ravenoak & Ferra

[Well Balanced Axe]

[Padre's Trousers]

[Gauntlets of Accuracy]

[Force Imbued Gauntlets]
[Bouquet of Red Roses] (during Love is in the Air)


(Scourge Invasion)

[Bracers of Mending]
[The Shadow's Grasp]

[Cloak of Revanchion]

[Corruptor's Scourgestone]


[Blade of the New Moon]

[Robe of Everlasting Night]

[Eyestalk Cord]
[Quickdraw Gloves]

[Demon Howl Wristguards]
[Odious Greaves]

[Bile-etched Spaulders]

[Cloak of the Cosmos]

[Book of Cower IV]
[Evil Eye Pendant]
[Vigilance Charm]

Lord Hel'nurath


[Dreadguard's Protector]
[Xorothian Firestick]

[Diabolic Mantle]

[Fel Hardened Bracers]

Prince Tortheldrin

[Distracting Dagger]
[Mind Carver]
[Timeworn Mace]

[Bracers of the Eclipse]
[Chestplate of Tranquility]

[Silvermoon Leggings]

[Eldritch Reinforced Legplates]

[Fluctuating Cloak]

[Emerald Flame Ring]

Other notable loot Edit

[A Dusty Tome]

[Foror's Compendium of Dragon Slaying]
[Frost Shock and You]
[Garona: A Study on Stealth and Treachery]
[Harnessing Shadows]
[Holy Bologna: What the Light Won't Tell You]
[The Arcanist's Cookbook]
[The Emerald Dream]
[The Greatest Race of Hunters]

Each class specific book has a small chance of dropping from several of the bosses in Dire Maul as well as being found in A Dusty Tome. The tome has a random chance of spawning in several points in Dire Maul.

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