These ancient bird-like reptilian beasts inspire awe and respect wherever they go. While animals, dinosaurs possess a might and magnificence that places them above other creatures of the natural world; many sapient races revere dinosaurs, or consider it a test of personal honor to hunt one of the great beasts.

While many types of dinosaurs exist, most are carnivores and thus share the same basic traits. Their forelimbs tend to prove ill-suited for combat, so they attack with their horned heads and teeth. They stake out territories and guard them fiercely. (This territorial instinct exists in herbivourus dinosaurs as well, but they tend to more peaceful behavior, attacking only when a creature wounds or threatens them.)

Dinosaurs have rough reptilian skin, thick and pebbly in texture. Their coloration varies, but many dinosaurs tend to blend in well with their natural surroundings. As cold-blooded creatures, they avoid areas of extreme temperatures, such as the Arctic regions. Most dinosaurs nest in the Un'Goro Crater and the Sholazar Basin, which possess a pleasing climate as well as abundant territory and prey. One exception is the threshadon, which lives in several places throughout Azeroth. Some dinosaurs make excellent riding mounts.[1] (MG 25)

Dinosaur SpeciesEdit

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