Deviate Slayers are hostile level 16-17 raptors that can be found outside the instanced portion of the Wailing Caverns.


BattlemastergossipiconItem Level Skill Slot Drop%
Inv misc pelt wolf ruin 03 [Deviate Hide]Availablequesticon1159%
Inv chest leather 01 [Grizzly Jerkin]16LeatherChest79%
Inv misc monsterscales 02 [Deviate Scale]152%
Inv misc monsterscales 01 [Perfect Deviate Scale]113%
Inv misc monsterclaw 03 [Sharp Claw]1512%
Inv misc gem amethyst 01 [Shadowgem]207%
Inv misc gem opal 03 [Tigerseye]152%
Inv misc gem emerald 02 [Moss Agate]252%
Inv staff 02 [Blazing Wand]17Wand2%
Inv sword 04 [Raider Shortsword]16SwordOne-Hand2%
Inv misc herb 03 [Serpentbloom]Availablequesticon11%

Availablequesticon Quest items dropped by Deviate Slayer

Also 37 random Uncommon item drops

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