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The DevTools AddOn is a small addon which provides tools for developers of UI mods, particularly for examining the World of Warcraft API. It's primarily a tool I built for myself but I figured I'd share it in case it's useful to others.

Obtaining Edit

You can download the Addon from my download site or from

Usage Edit

/reload Edit

Just a shortcut (since I'm lazy) for /script ReloadUI()

/dump expression Edit

Prints the result of executing a LUA expression (Basically /script but with output). It should be able to handle pretty much any kind of return data (including self-referential nested tables!)


/dump GetPlayerMapPosition("player")

DevTools: value=GetPlayerMapPosition("player")

/dtchatevent Edit

Toggle chat event tracking/debugging (this is a saved setting). When active each chat frame message (in all standard ChatFrames) will be prefixed by a marker that can be clicked on the pop up the details of the event that created it.

/dtchatevent buffer

Displays the current chat event rolling buffer size.

/dtchatevent buffer <size>

Set the current chat event rolling buffer size (e.g. /dtchatevent buffer 10000), the default buffer size is 1000.

/dtframestack Edit

Toggles the 'frame stack' window, which displays the stack of visible frames under the mouse pointer. (There are also key bindings for this).

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