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Ability spy
'Traps? Ha. I set them, I don't fall for 'em.'

Detect Traps allows a rogue to find traps laid out by others. When paired with Disarm Trap, a rogue becomes essential for the safekeeping of any band of dungeon explorers.


Greatly increased chance to detect traps.


Passive Ability

Rank Table

Rank Level Cost
1 24 45Silver


  • Of particular use in Stratholme to identify legitimate supply crates.
  • Allows you to see Hunter traps in PvP.


Many rogues have expressed great displeasure over the change of Detect Traps to a passive in patch 1.11 (Shadow of the Necropolis). They claim that they enjoyed spamming the "Swirly Ball" (a reference to the animation of the old, castable spell), and now have "nothing to do during buff downtime at raids". Despite the many complaints, Blizzard has yet to make a formal response.


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