The Defias Tower Patrollers guard Klaven Mortwake in Klaven's Tower. They dislike the "Drones" (Zombies), and fear Klaven.


In the short conversation had between the two patrollers, it is revealed that their names are Jill and Raven.


Patroller Raven


Patroller Jill


  • <Jill> Hey, Raven...
  • <Raven> Yea?
  • <Jill> Can we take a break? My feet are killing me, and those... those things down there are creeping me out.
  • <Raven> Klaven doesn't pay me enough to deal with those zombies, drones or whatever he calls 'em. I don't know, Jill. If Klaven comes down while we're slacking, we might end up as those things!
  • <Jill> You're probably right, Raven. I'm going back on patrol...

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