The Defias Messenger is a Human rogue (lvl. 14-15) and neutral member of the Defias Brotherhood found wandering in Westfall. His route begins in Moonbrook, where he spawns in front of the blacksmith's building. He then travels the road north from Moonbrook, visiting the Gold Coast Quarry and Jangolode Mine before returning to Moonbrook the same way.

He carries [A Mysterious Message] which he probably is delivering to Blacknails from Edwin VanCleef himself. Gryan Stoutmantle wants you to retrieve it during the quest Alliance 15 [18] The Defias Brotherhood (5).

Attacks and abilities Edit

Though neutral, the Defias Messenger does attack players who attack nearby members of the Defias Brotherhood. Likewise, attacking the Defias Messenger may provoke nearby members of the Defias Brotherhood to come to his aid.

After losing about half his health, the Defias Messenger will flee at an unusually high rate of speed. This speed is faster than that of most characters without some sort of speed buff.

Strategies Edit

His spawn location is inside Moonbrook right in front of the blacksmith. (map coordinates [44, 69]
) You may try waiting to ambush him there. Sometimes Moonbrook is besieged by Horde players who are there to harass the Alliance before they run the Deadmines and they often kill him instantly where he spawns, which means he never gets on the road. Fellow Alliance players also may gank him, to cause grief to others. You might search for a long time if you try to find him on the road, as he actually takes time to enter the mine at the Gold Coast Quarry and the mine at Jangolode.

Given the difficulties in finding him, if the Messenger is spotted by a player who does not need to kill him, it is considered good form to announce his position and heading in Westfall general chat for other players. It is also considered exceedingly selfish to kill him when you do not have the quest.

You can inform other players that you seen him by targeting and using the following macro:

/script SetMapToCurrentZone() local x,y=GetPlayerMapPosition("player") SendChatMessage(format('S! %%t  (%.1f, %.1f)', x*100, y*100), 'CHANNEL', nil, 1)

Quests Edit


On aggro:

  • Here's a singing telegram for <Name>: Roses are red, violets are blue, I'll kill any <race> I see, including you!
  • Who dares provoke the messenger of Edwin VanCleef?! Die <race>!
  • I have a special message for <Name>! And it says you must die!
  • Die in the name of Edwin VanCleef!
  • I'll deliver you, weak <class>, to the afterlife!
  • Am carrying any letters addressed to <Name>? Why, no! Looks like it's time for you to die!

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