Deep Sea Monsterbelly School

A Deep Sea Monsterbelly School

A Deepsea Monsterbelly School is a Fishing pool which primarily contains [Deep Sea Monsterbelly]. These schools can be found in the Frozen Sea around Northrend. (I found one in the bottom right corner of the Howling Fjord just fly over glaciers with penguins). Part of the Northrend Angler achievement.


Item Catch Rate
Inv misc fish 60 [Deep Sea Monsterbelly] 90%
Inv elemental crystal water [Crystallized Water] 5%
Inv crate 04 [Reinforced Crate] 5%
Inv misc fish turtle 02 [Sea Turtle] < 1%




You must fish from one of these schools to complete Money achievement Northrend Angler.

As an ingredient

Deep Sea Monsterbelly can be used by a cook to make Ability hunter pet boar [Gigantic Feast]:

Ability hunter pet boar [Gigantic Feast]
Inv misc fish 60
2x [Deep Sea Monsterbelly]
Inv misc food 107 venison
2x [Chunk o' Mammoth]
Inv misc fish 46
2x [Rockfin Grouper]
Inv misc ammo gunpowder 05
1x [Northern Spices]

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