Inv misc cape 02


This item is crafted with Tailoring.

Materials required:
Inv fabric frostweave imbuedbolt
5x [Bolt of Imbued Frostweave]
Inv elemental eternal fire
6x [Eternal Fire]
Inv elemental eternal shadow
4x [Eternal Shadow]
Inv misc gem pearl 11
1x [Siren's Tear]
Spell frost frozencore
1x [Frozen Orb]

The pattern is taught by Tailoring trainers only after the achievement Money achievement Loremaster of Northrend is completed.

Raw materials Edit

Materials required:
Inv fabric soulcloth
50x [Frostweave Cloth]
Inv misc dust infinite
10x [Infinite Dust]
Inv elemental crystal fire
60x [Crystallized Fire]
Inv elemental crystal shadow
40x [Crystallized Shadow]
Inv misc shell 03
100x [Winterfin Clam]
Spell frost frozencore
1x [Frozen Orb]

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