Deathbringer's Rise

Deathbringer's Rise after the Horde defeats Deathbringer Saurfang.


Deathbringer's Rise is the rise players arrive at after the Gunship Battle. This small area leads directly to the Deathbringer Saurfang encounter. The bosses beyond here will be opened in a set period of time.

After defeating the Deathbringer, Varok Saurfang will move closer to his son to return him to Nagrand. As the Horde, he will do so unopposed; as the Alliance, he will be halted by Muradin Bronzebeard, who refuses to let him pass. King Varian intervenes on Saurfang's behalf, remarking that the survivors of the Wrathgate had spoken of how the young orc had died with honor, and allows the father to claim his son's body. Jaina Proudmoore breaks down into tears, expressing pride in her king for this act.

Workers then appear and built up a small outpost with vendors, a forge, anvil, and cooking fire.



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