Death revenants are the rarest of all the types of revenants and most mysterious. The creature is seemingly humanoid, but rides on a ball of green-colored energy rather than walking on two feet. A death revenant wears flowing black robes under scale mail armor and carries a heavy mace and large metal shield emblazoned with a single green-colored image of an eyeball. Etched into the shield, radiating from the eye out to the shield's edges, are yellow beams. The eye sockets of the creature's metallic helm shine with a menacing green light. Only its arms are readily visible, and appear to be made of black dirt and rocks held together by green energy. Their vaguely humanoid appearance is almost an illusion created by the armor, and Death Revenants appear to also wearing flowing black robes. Beneath, a death revenant is dark earth held together by elemental energy. The face of death brutalized and decaying, no doubt a result of their preference for the dead and predilection to roam graveyards. They are eerie creatures, with echoing voices and strange, riddling replies to any questions posed to them. Although they do not prefer to fight, death revenants have their own ideas about when "too far" has been reached, and they are more than willing to visit the truth of the after life on any who bother them without good cause.

Since death revenants prefer to roam graveyards, it's common for them to have already exhumed a number of corpses, if for no other reason than to gaze upon the dead. Death revenants posses necromantic skills, and when threatened, death revenants use them to raise undead to fight for them. Death revenants can create spawn from slain corpses and the elements from the ground beneath it. They try to focus their attacks on the weakest foes; the ones most likely to not survive melee. Death revenants fight to the end.[1] (MoM 85)


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